Corn Souffle

We’ve had an interesting week and weekend in Wisconsin in terms of weather and that seems to be the case for other states too. Thursday and Friday was ridiculously warm for November, highs in the 70’s and then Friday night we dropped 40 degrees and it was in the 30’s when I woke up Saturday morning. We had snow flurries for about an hour but none of it stayed on the ground.

I always get the urge to make cinnamon rolls on the first snow fall and stayed true to that tradition this weekend. I use the recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction and this time I added chopped pecans to the filling. I think it added a nice crunchy texture to them! I make mine the day before and let them rise in the fridge and then bake them in the morning. :)

Sundays in the fall and winter are also great for making a big pot of soup to start the week and warm you inside and out. So when Mike was traveling home Friday I asked if we could make chili on Sunday. He was thrilled with this idea of chili and cinnamon rolls. One of the things I learned about those who grew up in Nebraska is that cinnamon rolls with chili is a thing. A wonderful pairing like tomato soup and grilled cheese or biscuits and gravy, but the thing to remember is you don’t dip your cinnamon roll in the chili. Read more about a Nebraska blogger’s perspective on the chili and cinnamon pairing here. The chili we made is from one of our favorite cookbooks, What’s for Dinner by Curtis Stone.

And now for the point of today’s blog post: corn soufflé! Our other favorite cookbook, The Chef Next Door by Amanda Freitag has a recipe for corn soufflé I’ve been wanting to make. I’ve never made a soufflé before and yes, it uses four egg whites and I don’t like eggs by themselves, but the egg white is what makes the soufflé light and fluffy. The soufflé turned out delicious and when mixed with the chili it was amazingly good.

I saved the four egg yolks and used them to make lemon curd. See, I love all things that have egg in them but don’t taste or smell like egg. Since we have Thursday and Friday off this week for the Thanksgiving holiday I plan to enjoy the lemon curd on top of some homemade waffles! Oh, and the lemon curd recipe was also in The Chef Next Door cookbook, I highly recommend you get this cookbook!

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