Chicken Pot Pie

This past week I was in the mood to make chicken pot pie. The number of times I’ve had chicken pot pie is probably less than 10 but the thought of pot pie was 100% comforting for the cold and snowy weather we had Sunday. And then the snow melted Monday. :( I’ve been ready for snow, simply because a week ago it rained all day and was not as pretty as thick fluffy snowflakes.

The recipe I used is from one of my two favorite cookbooks, Curtis Stone’s What’s for Dinner. Curtis adds turnips and parsnips to the typical pot pie mixture. I had planned to use a sheet of frozen puff pastry left over from before but it was too old and partially dry. I used a pie crust recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction and was lucky enough to have the right amount of flour for the crust! How ironic that I was making homemade pot pie with pre-made crust and then end up making homemade crust??!

We decided to cook the pie in our fiesta ware casserole dishes, I love all of our fiesta ware because it is oven safe! I’ve reheated frozen oatmeal in the bowls and it works perfectly. The pie crust was delicious, a nice salty, crunchy texture to go with the warm soupy inside. YUM!


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