Here Comes the Sun

I chose Here Comes the Sun for the title of this post because we went to the Abbey Road zebra crossing while in London and Abbey Road Studios and shop. The crosswalk is an active street so it’s not easy to take a photo and kind of dangerous. Mike didn’t want to take a picture crossing the street which was fine with me. The neighborhood is a normal residential area with a really cool church (Abbey Road Baptist Church) that I took a picture of as well. Abbey Road Studios is still in business and we saw an orchestra going inside for a recording session when we were there.

One of the tourist options in London that I wanted to do was ride the London Eye. It’s a very slow ferris wheel and the trip is about a half hour but it’s really cool to see the city in the complete glass pod. My photos inside didn’t turn out too great and I think my white balance was off plus dirty glass doesn’t make it easier. I did like the London Eye but if you go in it I hope you don’t have a two year old who’s afraid of heights and doesn’t know it until he’s at the top of the eye!


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