Maximo, the Titanosaur

Last year Mike and I decided to become members of the Field Museum (Chicago). We went to the museum when family came to visit and loved it! There is so much to see and this was our third time and we still haven’t seen all of it.

The Field Museum has a new dinosaur, Maximo the Titanosaur and he replaced Sue the T Rex in the lobby of the museum. Sue now has her own space with more information on her remains. I took my camera and took pictures of both dinosaurs but the ones of Maximo were the best. I took some on the main floor and on the second floor balconies.

Pilates Nerd Alert: Mike and I enjoyed discussing the difference in pelvis between Maximo and Sue because Maximo is quadruped and Sue is not, also the difference in rib cages. The shots of Max were done in Aperture priority mode, ISO 200 and f/8 but Sue was ISO 800 and f/8 due to the indoor lighting compared to the natural light in the lobby.


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