Orchid Show: Chicago Botanic Gardens

One of the things we discussed in the photography classes I’ve been to is there isn’t too many exciting things to shoot in Winter. The photography school does field trips in the spring and summer and evening but during the cold winter months we have to find things to shoot indoors. Which is why Mike and I went to the Field Museum and the Chicago Botanic Gardens for the Orchid Show.

The Botanic Gardens aren’t expensive, you pay for parking and an additional fee for the Orchid Show. So we picked a Sunday in March when we had nothing all day and went shortly after they opened. We also wanted to compare the London exhibit to this one.

This Orchid Show was split into three rooms and it reminded us of the Milwaukee Domes (but MUCH better). Our favorite room was the dessert one with all of the succulents, which we have a lot in our home. But the orchids were awesome too and of course more practice for me with my camera. I used my telephoto lens for these shots so that I could zoom in for close ups.

One thing I discovered here and in London is I have trouble with orange flowers. I asked my photography instructor if it is something I can correct even with using a custom white balance. Unfortunately this is more so based on my camera and its abilities rather than my own skills. So that’s good and bad. Most of these photos were done in Aperture priority mode with ISO 800, aperture was f/8.


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