Music City: Nashville, TN

Well it’s only fitting to discover I did bring my custom white balance card for my camera when packing my suitcase on the last day. :( When I realized I didn’t have the card in my backpack I couldn’t believe I would forget something that important. Then I was pissed I didn’t discover it sooner in my suitcase after all of my photo opportunities. Oh well, hopefully this doesn’t happen again!

I had two full days of exploring Nashville and I chose to rent a car which ended up being a wise decision. Nashville is easy to get around and not terribly large but the places I wanted to see weren’t within walking distance of each other.

The first day I chose to visit Barista Parlor, a coffee shop recommendation I received from the Pittsburgh Pirates’ pitcher Jameson Taillon. This coffee was awesome, I love the space, the record player for music, and the overall atmosphere.



After that I went downtown to Bicentennial Park to walk and see the Tennessee Capitol. This Capitol building is different from the Madison Capitol building but I thought it was fun to see the Senate room and House of Representatives room.




After that I had ice cream from Jeni’s ice cream at the Nashville Farmers Market and headed to the Parthenon. I only walked around the outside of it, I didn’t go inside to see the art museum.


Then I went to Fort Negley, a Civil War fort. There isn’t much to the fort but it gives you a cool view of downtown Nashville.


The last place I went to see on the first day was the Grand Ole Opry. We were staying right by it and to be honest, the Opry doesn’t look too impressive on the outside. I didn’t go inside for a tour, just walked around and went in the gift shop.


After Mike was done with his safety conference we went to Hattie B’s for some Nashville hot fried chicken. I had the mild and Mike had the hot and the chicken was delicious. We waited in line for about a half hour but it was worth the wait!

2 thoughts on “Music City: Nashville, TN

  1. Hey Rachel! I just discovered your blog! This post made me soooo happy because I am fron Nashville and love it sooo much! The Barista Parlor is AMAZING!!!!! Such a fun atmosphere! I am so happy that you enjoyed your trip! :)

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